The Future of Social Media with Brittlestar

Now that Elon Musk has bought Twitter, does this portend the downfall of western civilization? The Internet’s Favourite Dad, Stewart Reynolds, AKA Brittlestar, thinks The Kids Today won’t put up with this shit the way Gen-X and the Boomers do. Want to know more? Listen to the full podcast: From smoke signals to blowing smoke: The wild...

The Blockchain Primer

When electricity was first invented, Victorians had to learn a lot about it. Blockchain is kind of like that. Eventually we won’t care. But until then, here’s a primer on what you need to know about this world-changing technology from Tracy Leparulo and Amber Healy. Bitcoin, blockchain and the future of money, music and more by Amber...

Where’s My Hologram? with Proto inventor David Nussbaum

Star Wars holograms suck. Meet the man who’s Proto technology has been used at concerts and awards shows, is being used by Wall Street schmucks, and may even be used in hospitals by remote doctors. David Nussbaum says the future is only 5 years away. When asked to think about the first hologram they remember seeing, odds are pretty good...

Where’s My Sexbot? with Temple University’s Annette Masterson

Since Westworld debuted in 1973, we've been promised a world of consequence-free sex with robots. They're still coming, and PhD student Annette Masterson at Temple University has been studying their rise since 2018 and the unusual technologies required to make them happen.

Where’s My Smart Home?

Smart Homes are still coming. But the house of the future looks nothing like what we predicted, and today it's pretty dumb. Besides, do you really want a robot butler stomping about the house?

Where’s My Flying Car?

Flying cars are still coming. But there are a few things that need to happen before we all take to the friendly skies. Because, as we know, some people can't handle driving with an X and Y-axis, what makes us think they could handle a Z-axis, too?

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Michael Hainsworth

Michael Hainsworth is a veteran business and technology reporter, and lifelong geek. Michael has interviewed more than 16,000 guests during his 18 years at Canada’s Business News Network, and as...

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Amber Healy

How did we get here? Where did we come from -- and where are we going? I want to learn about all of it, even if it's terrifying. Curiosity will lead the way (it's on Mars already, after all).

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