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When we were kids, today was the future…

Where’s My Jetpack? is a new video series and podcast about the technologies we were promised, what we actually got, and what’s coming next.

Viewers are taken on a journey through the past as prognosticators of our childhoods predicted the present day. Often the predictions for the future tell us more about the people making those predictions than the technologies of the day. 

As the episode continues, we learn about the impact the technologies we did get are having on our present day. We all rushed to sign-up for a Facebook account in 2007, and it took a decade for us to understand the impact of a Cambridge Analytica. 

If we can look to the past, examine the present, can we predict the future? In the third act of each episode, viewers are exposed to the thought leadership of the principal guest, helping us understand the implications of the direction we’re heading as a society and give us a chance to guide it to a better tomorrow.

Michael Hainsworth is a veteran business and technology reporter, and lifelong geek.

Michael has interviewed more than 16,000 guests during his 18 years at Canada’s Business News Network, and as Senior Anchor distilled the day’s most important financial and technology stories into understandable and engaging reports for 2.2 million viewers on the network and the CTV Evening News nation-wide. He spent 11 years in radio and played a central role in 680 News reaching a milestone 1 million listeners.

In 2018 after a successful 30 year career in mainstream media, he launched Futurithmic, an original series with more than 1M views and 48K subscribers on Youtube.

His Geeks & Beats Podcast spanned 8 seasons with more than 1M listens and is looking to replicate that success with this new series.

Hainsworth co-created the world’s first weekly television show dedicated to mobile technology and its impact on society, App Central, seen by more than a million viewers in Canada, Europe and Australia.